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DMCA is Using its Weapon in Wrong way Court Verdict

01 Dec, 2016

A hip hop artist Jonathan Emile gathered up with Kendrick Lamar to regain the damages done by Topdawg Entertainment Inc. for  bogus take down notice.  This take down real...

Billion pirate search results are asked to remove from Google Search

30 Nov, 2016

Copyright holders are quite active these days as the online piracy is making big damages to industry and shareholders. Copyright holders are pushing Google to take some fast steps ...

List of Most Pirated Movies this week

29 Nov, 2016

Every week there is competition of the most pirated movies online. This is quite good to find out which movies is getting much attentions from people. It is also beneficial to find...

Jay-Z and Beyonce Quietly Reaching Out to Kanye West

28 Nov, 2016

In recent time there is a lot happened in the relation of Kanye West , Beyonce and JayZ. But a class act comes from Beyonce as by sources she is trying to play peacemaker between h...

These Celebrities might go for next presidential run

28 Nov, 2016

After such elections of United States anyone can be expected as the next president of United States. Even some of the actors can be considered in such counts those can enter in hou...

1250 Websites are blocked after Viacom 18 request

28 Nov, 2016

Blocking the websites are those are considered to be the pirated sites is the most famous way to stop piracy by copyright holders. According to them if people are not able to acces...


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